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The design of instruments and industrial equipment is a challenging, all encompassing engineering task that not only has to integrate different engineering fields but often also demands the harmonization of conflicting requirements. Having to hermetically seal circuits (to effectively contain harmful electro-magnetic radiation) while at the same time having to remove the heat build-up coming from the circuits (to avoid failure from overheating) is just one example of the many possible harmonization challenges.

Apart from an instrument's primary function, its design must consider and make provisions for the environment in which it is to be used. That can mean finding non-conflicting solutions for one or more of the following:

Picture of the Infrared Camera Calibration Device
  • Temperature variations
  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Changes in component characteristics caused by aging
  • Electric and magnetic pollution or interference (EMI)
  • Moisture
  • Contaminants like dirt, grime, etc.
  • Mechanical stress.

Measurement devices, in particular, are highly demanding as they are expected to give consistent performance within tight tolerances, even under adverse conditions. Therefore, the design of precision measurement instruments requires in-depth know-how in natural sciences, physics, math, materials, diverse engineering areas, and different manufacturing processes.

KLN's multi-disciplinary team possesses all of the above as evidenced by the many different design and manufacturing contracts successfully fulfilled. Examples range from simple weight scales to complex airborne video camera-equipped measurement systems.

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an impression of our instrument design capabilities and check out the multi-disciplinary design engineering advantage we can bring to your project.

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