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KLN serves clients in industries as diverse as the electronic, chemical, forest, vending, transportation, manufacturing, aviation and retail industry, as well as government agencies. Major clients include Imperial Parking, CP Rail, SaskTel, SaskFinance, NBS, Forintek Canada, etc. Several of them have obtained patents or received awards for projects done by or undertaken with KLN's support.

Feedback received from clients include:

I want to say again how much I enjoyed both your design and our meeting. I believe you have a firm grasp on the product as your initial elegant design concept demonstrated. I look forward to our next meeting...the excitement is mounting!
Andrew Barron, President IVT Enterprises Inc.

I've been working on your Model 400 for almost 20 years now. We have 40 of them out in the rain and sun at UC Davis that date back to 1994. They are built to last and your team is truly remarkable.
Michael Johnston, Maintenance Technician, University of Ca, Davis.

I thought I let you know that the first new parking meter just was installed this afternoon in downtown (Vancouver) and it seems to be working perfectly. It looks awesome! Thank you.
Marc Postlethwaite, Manager Impark Suburban.

Your firm has created and built a product for us that exceeded our demanding specifications. The finished product, the Vid/ThermalTracker 2000 acquisition system computer, literally looks and performs better than a Mercedes Benz. You and your associates' abilities never ceased to amaze us whenever a new challenge or required design change was encountered. We have not had any system problems whatsoever, which is incredible for such a sophisticated engineering project.
John J.Sutherland, President and C.E.O., AVCAN Global Systems Corporation

The Maxi-Award received by our mall would not have been possible without the co-operation and the technical know-how of KLN KLEIN.
Judy Krawchuk, Marketing Manager Willowbrook Shopping Centre.

Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for your genuine hospitality and excellent training. My three days at your office were very valuable both theoretically and technically. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Sandra Phillips, Special Projects Powell River Credit Union.

You are the best kept secret in the industry. I wished we had found out about your company years ago!
George Amyotte, President Atlas Communications.

A key component of the VTI - Video Tooth Inspector project's success has been KLN's interdisciplinary knowledge which helped us achieve a superior design for our product. Additionally, your in-house manufacturing capabilities greatly facilitated prototype development and production of the completed design. On a personal level, I really have enjoyed working with your staff. Your professionalism and high standard of customer service made working with your company a pleasure.
Peter Lister, Ma.Sc., VTI Project Manager, Forintek Canada Corp.

The Yellowhead system is working! Many thanks for the strong team effort in solving the (technical) problems. I particularly appreciated all the help from you over the weekend. We could not have found the causes of the problems without you!
Rick Coueffin, VP Engineering, AVCAN Systems Corp.

I will highly recommend KLN to any company that wants a #1 product followed up by #1 service.
Reet Arbo, Just Rewards Administrator, Pioneer Property Group.

NBS has contracted KLN time and time again for many years now and we have found them to be a prompt and reliable solution to our repair problems.
Pierre Tiernan, General Manager NBS POS.

Congratulations on your outstanding performance in winning one of Canada's first-ever Design Engineering Awards!
James Barnes. Design Engineering Awards Coordinator

I take great pleasure in thanking you for all your assistance in the project of Totally Yours Studios Inc. You did a 'great work' in getting our little instrument manifested.
Patricia Oberle-Hummel, Owner Totally Yours Studios

The repaired Dryzone is installed and working great! The boat is so much more comfy.
Ann, Dryzone owner


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