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Engineering and Systems Integration Services

Systems integration takes different off-the-shelf modules (module type can be electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.) and connects them in a meaningful way to perform an overall function. It often requires the design and fabrication of custom parts and circuits, as well as software engineering. It therefore calls for a broad knowledge in many different areas, that can include:

  • Precision mechanics
  • Machining and manufacturing processes
  • Electrical systems and electronics Overview of off-the-shelf modules used and parts manufactured by KLN before commencing final assembly of a ticketing kiosk (systems integration project)
  • Common national and international standards
    (including those pertaining to aeronautical applications)
  • Pneumatics
  • Computer and control platforms
  • Bus systems
  • Open and closed loop servo architectures
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility requirements
  • Software operating systems
  • Communications protocols
  • Most common software languages and development tools.

KLN's knowledge in these areas together with a good overview and understanding of the different modules and diverse equipment readily available on the world market, assures a cost effective integration solution that effectively fulfills a client's unique requirements. The additional capability to custom engineer and manufacture any missing link or element, positions KLN as a natural and ideal systems integrator.

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an impression of our system integration capabilities and check out the multi-disciplinary design engineering advantage we will bring to your project.

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