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Project highlights and newsworthy developments in KLN KLEIN's history that are not bound under confidentiality include:

  • September 2012
    For the past 15 years, KLN has provided a number of props and items for the movie and television industries. Our in-house prototype fabrication and small run manufacturing equipment is well suited to making "one off" items when you just need one or a few items to use.

  • December 2011
    AltaStream Control Systems contracted KLN Klein to produce another batch of High Density Input/Output Modules for use with Allen-Bradley FLEX™ I/O modules.

  • September 2011
    KLN Klein delivers a de-nesting machine to separate blister packaging inserts to Graph Tech Guitar Labs to solve a longstanding problem in the packaging process. Watch Peter Klein demonstrate the machine in action in our latest movie on the project page.

  • August 2011
    KLN KLEIN celebrates thirty years in business serving our clients! Our projects page details a small portion of the hundreds of solutions provided by KLN over the past three decades. Feel free to contact us to create your own custom solution.

  • June 2011
    Business Fraser Valley Magazine featured KLN Klein in this month's issue describing the growth of KLN from humble beginnings 30 years ago to today's success through the creative solutions that KLN has engineered for clients in many industries.

  • June 2011
    KLN Klein delivers twenty electronic sensing heads to TKT Engineering.

  • May 2011
    We have high reliability fans available for the Dryzone DZ-35 to replace the original fans. Give us a call at 604-530-1491 if your Dryzone Dehumidifier needs new fans.

  • April 2011
    Altastream Control Systems contracts KLN to produce another batch of High Density Input/Output modules.

  • March 2011
    KLN is pleased to announce that we offer service and repairs for Dryzone DZ-35 dehumidifiers. If you need Dryzone repair, please contact us at 604-530-1491.

  • February 2011
    KLN's president, Peter Klein addresses the Fraser Valley APEGBC (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC) with a panel presentation on entrepreneurship. Peter's speaking notes are available in PDF form here.

  • January 2011
    Graph Tech Guitar Labs contracts KLN KLEIN to produce a guitar pickup testing system to characterize the response of each piezoelectric guitar string pickup produced.

  • December 2010
    KLN announces the opening of their bright new surface mount electronics assembly room with an updated SMT line and filtered air source for even higher quality results and faster setup. Equipment now includes a automatic stencil printer for paste solder deposition, an automated high production pick'n'place machine with dozens of tape feeders, waffle tray feeder and tube feeders, multizone flow-through IR reflow oven, robotic miniature wave soldering, hot air rework equipment, stereo inspection microscope, and a conventional through-hole wave solder machine.

  • June 2009
    West Coast Express contracts KLN KLEIN to upgrade and reinforce the security for the communications kiosks for the West Coast Express train stations.

  • June 2008
    West Coast Express contracts KLN KLEIN to redesign the security lock mechanisms for the bicycle lockers at the West Coast Express train stations.

  • January 2008
    KLN's timely delivery of the first twelve Dryzone dehumidifier units allows Dryzone Systems Inc. to present this new product at the 2008 Seattle Boat Show, attracting a lot of attention from boat owners and bringing in firm orders for our client.

  • December 2007
    Dryzone contracts KLN KLEIN to build in a matter of six weeks the first 12 commercial units of its new, patented dehumidifier units for boats and yachts.

  • November 2007
    The comprehensive re-engineering of the preliminary Dryzone dehumidifier is completed and three fully working prototypes are built in KLN's shop and rigorously tested in KLN's lab, then delivered to Dryzone Systems Inc. of Delta B.C.

  • September 2007
    Another contract from CIMS Industries of Langley, BC gets awarded to KLN KLEIN for the design and manufacturing of electronic boards for an uninterruptible power supply dedicated to vehicle based computers.

  • July 2007
    The design, building and commissioning of an avionics diagnostic tool to investigate malfunctions of a product that our client is keeping confidential at the moment gets awarded to KLN KLEIN.

  • June 2007
    KLN KLEIN gets contracted by CIMS Industries of Langley, BC to design, prototype and manufacture computer terminal shut down manager units for mobile computer installations.

  • April 2007
    To support wildlife research, KLN KLEIN develops and manufactures under contract for Robertson Environmental Services of Langley, BC a microphone hoist system to go on 100 feet tall meteorological towers.

  • March 2007
    Engineering and prototyping contract for the adaptation of a wireless thermostat to interface to existing hardware gets awarded to KLN KLEIN by AltaStream Power Systems of Delta, BC.

  • January 2007
    Dryzone Systems Inc. of Delta, BC contracts KLN KLEIN to re-engineer a preliminary Dryzone dehumidifier unit for improved reliability, looks, serviceability, ease of installation, and to make the product cost efficient and conducive for large scale manufacturing.

  • December 2006
    Comprehensive flight tests are performed successfully with the avionics developed by KLN KLEIN for the aerospace product that is still under confidentiality. A full LSTC gets immediately granted by Transport Canada for this product.

  • August 2006
    KLN KLEIN celebrates its 25th year of successfully serving the high-tech industry in Vancouver and North America as "Product-Innovators-on-Call".

  • July 2006
    Successful tests of the ticket vending machine modifications made for West Coast Express led to the manufacturing of easy-to-install retrofit kits to convert the screens from electro-luminescent (EL) to liquid crystal display (LCD).

  • June 2006
    KLN KLEIN gets contracted by AltaStream Control Systems to design, prototype, and manufacture 10 HDIO (high density input/output) interface modules for factory automation in the semiconductor industry.

  • March 2006
    West Coast Express of Vancouver contracts KLN KLEIN to engineer and prototype specific modifications to their ticket vending machines.

  • December 2005
    The contract to design and manufacture the complete avionics for an aerospace product gets awarded to KLN KLEIN. Unfortunately, no further information about it can be released until the client presents it to the public (expected to happen in 2007).

  • October 2005
    KLN KLEIN assists iVALET in developing and prototyping further components for its innovative parking management system, such as a paper level sensing module and diverse router, server and utility enclosures.

  • July 2005
    The design and development of the special Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console for iVALET is completed in just five weeks and culminates in the delivery of a full sized prototype.

  • June 2005
    iVALET Systems Inc. of Vancouver contracts KLN KLEIN to design and prototype a Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console for an innovative parking management system, that will make hunting, waiting, and fighting for parking spaces obsolete, even during peak parking periods.

  • June 2005
    KLN KLEIN gets contracted by AltaStream Control Systems to engineer and manufacture for easy and quick assembly a special base plate with chain support posts for a safety fence around a SCARA robot shown at an industrial trade show.

  • May 2005
    Final approval is granted by the Vehicle Certification Agency in the U.S. to KLN KLEIN Product Development Inc. on its quality system for manufacturing e-marked products for export into the European Union.

  • January 2005
    The first 1200 newly developed vehicle mounting docks for a new type of industrial scanner are completed and exported into the European market, all on an extremely tight deadline.

  • December 2004
    KLN KLEIN's design and construction of a demanding multi-cavity mold for International Data Systems under intense time pressure results in a highly intricate and complex tool that works flawlessly, right from the first time it is placed on the injection molding machine.

  • November 2004
    Electronic manufacturing capability expanded by addition of an automatic SMT screen printing machine and an automatic Pick & Place machine to KLN KLEIN's portfolio of manufacturing equipment.

  • October 2004
    Electronic scanner holders, designed and prototyped by KLN KLEIN for International Data Systems, pass CE and e-mark compliance tests, performed by outside testing agency, with flying colours.

  • July 2004
    Within five business days KLN KLEIN designs and manufactures for AltaStream Control Systems two different items required in a rush for an upcoming trade show: a stand for the demonstration of a light pole and two enclosures for high density input/output electronics boards.

  • June 2004
    KLN KLEIN completes the manufacturing of 20 newly developed high-security parking meter enclosures for Imperial Parking.

  • February 2004
    Under an extremely tight deadline KLN KLEIN develops, prototypes and manufactures 200 units of a vehicle mounting dock for industrial scanners for International Data Systems.

  • October 2003
    Impark of Vancouver contracts KLN KLEIN to design and prototype new parking meter enclosure with high security features.

  • July 2003
    KLN KLEIN delivers five fully functional prototypes of new 3D-imaging acquisition system for field testing.

  • May 2003
    Successful completion of a two year long project, regarding the development of revolutionary 3D-image acquisition system for Generation II Orthotics, is celebrated by KLN KLEIN's team.

  • April 2003
    KLN KLEIN demonstrates that its Quality Management System meets Transport Canada's requirements for manufacturing the airborne (helicopter) data acquisition system of Optimal Geomatics Inc.

  • January 2003
    The engineering and manufacturing quality steps used at KLN KLEIN for many years get formalized into a comprehensive, written quality control system.

  • August 2002
    Design and machining of complex plastic injection molds is added to KLN KLEIN's portfolio as an extension of its one-stop services.

  • January 2002
    KLN KLEIN adds pre-compliance EMI testing to its range of services.

  • June 2001
    Contract to design the complete control electronics for a new parking meter is awarded to KLN KLEIN by Ventek International, California and completed in less than two months.

  • May 2001
    KLN KLEIN gets contract to design and prototype a digital mini scale for Gram Precision Scales Inc., Ontario.

  • March 2001
    A hundred-fold sensitivity increase on the previously developed simultaneous Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer (the Clotan III) is achieved for Multifibre Process Limited.

  • November 2000
    Generation II Orthotics Inc. contracts KLN KLEIN to design and develop a low cost 3D imaging acquisition system.

  • October 2000
    KLN KLEIN develops for the City of Surrey a sophisticated custom scheduling program for the ticket vending machine installed at the Newton Wave Pool.

  • November 1999
    Breakthrough technology for simultaneous measurement of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide developed for Multifibre Process Limited.

  • August 1999
    Imperial Parking contracts KLN KLEIN to make its ATT systems Year 2000 (Y2K) compatible.

  • May 1999
    The City of Surrey awards contract to KLN KLEIN to design and develop a ticketing kiosk for its Newton Wave Pool.

  • February 1999
    KLN KLEIN wins contract to design an electronic loyalty building "Mall Walk Program" kiosk for the Great Lakes Crossing Shopping Center in Michigan, USA.

  • November 1998
    New mall kiosk that allows for convenient customer interaction is developed by KLN KLEIN for Willowbrook Shopping Centre.

  • September 1998
    First two production units of Aerial Survey Computer are delivered to AVCAN, after successful completion of design and prototyping of this demanding system.

  • August 1998
    KLN KLEIN adds 75 ton press brake for sheet metal fabrication to its portfolio of equipment.

  • June 1998
    Second batch of third generation BoardRunners completed by KLN KLEIN for Thin Kerf Technologies.

  • May 1998
    KLN KLEIN develops new, universal electronic positioning sensors that resist water, dirt, dust and oil.

  • March 1998
    The successful completion of the first manufacturing batch of 20 Video Tooth Inspectors for Forintek Canada is celebrated with Forintek's Project Manager.

  • October 1997
    KLN KLEIN's product development centre expands its mechanical manufacturing capabilities by adding a 4-axis vertical machining centre to its equipment portfolio.

  • September 1997
    KLN KLEIN expands, adding another industrial bay to its manufacturing premises.

  • May 1997
    The BoardRunner, a lumber profiler re-developed by KLN KLEIN for Thin Kerf Technologies wins "Bronze" in the 1997 Canadian Design Engineering Awards.

  • March 1997
    Klein Electronic & Software Engineering Inc. changes its name to KLN KLEIN Product Development Inc. to better reflect the nature of services offered.

  • January 1997
    A new vision is created by Klein's team for the company, steering it to become a unique, boutique-like, one-stop product development centre.

  • November 1996
    Klein's electronic loyalty program SHOPTECH gets installed in new, prestigious Capitol Shopping Centre in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • October 1996
    Forintek Canada contracts Klein to design and prototype the precision mechanical base for a saw tooth inspector benefiting the lumber industry.

  • August 1996
    A New Brush Trimming and Flagging Robot is designed, manufactured and installed by Klein for Valley Brush Corp.

  • April 1995
    Klein gets contract from Glenayre Electronics to manufacture large STA enclosures destined to be installed in bus stops in Spokane, Washington.

  • January 1995
    CP Rail contracts Klein Electronic to re-engineer and manufacture improved SBU latch for the End-of-Train Units.

  • July 1994
    Willowbrook Shopping Centre wins prestigious Maxi Award (US) and Maple Leaf Award (Canada) for its customer loyalty program that works with Klein's Electronic Loyalty System SHOPTECH 2000.

  • May 1994
    The first 4 parking meters engineered and manufactured by Klein for Impark in less than 4 months get installed in Vancouver.

  • February 1994
    Klein Electronic gets contracted to develop new parking meter for Imperial Parking of Vancouver.

  • November 1993
    Klein Electronic moves to larger premises (5000 sq ft).

  • August 1993
    Contract to develop and supply transit ticket printers for buses in Los Angeles is won by Klein Electronic.

  • June 1993
    The 150 store wide Willowbrook Shopping Centre purchases Klein's SHOPTECH 2000 to offer its customers an electronic loyalty program.

  • May 1993
    Klein completes the development of SHOPTECH 2000, a sophisticated, low cost, PC based database marketing and customer loyalty system.

  • October 1991
    NBS closes its western regional office and Klein takes over the refurbishment of credit card terminals.

  • November 1989
    Klein gets contracted to increase the capacity of National Business System's western regional office to repair and refurbish tens of thousands of credit card terminals owned by various financial institutions.

  • October 1987
    The third generation prototype of a 12V coffee machine for mobile installations gets installed and tested in big trucks that drive all across North America.

  • August 1985
    Totally Yours Studios contracts Klein to design and prototype a self triggering, user friendly epilation equipment for hair removal.

  • July 1983
    A concentration controller for keeping the concentration of detergents stable in institutional washing machines and dishwashers is designed and prototyped by Klein.

  • May 1982
    The development and first fully functional and working prototype of a 12V coffee machine for mobile installations, that prepares fresh hot brewed coffee while the vehicle is in motion, gets completed by Klein.

  • August 1981
    Klein Electronic & Software Engineering Inc. is incorporated.

Media Coverage

Numerous write-ups and articles have been printed about us, our services, the product development approach we follow, and specific projects we have undertaken for our clients. These articles have appeared in diverse Canadian and US newspapers, business journals, trade magazines, e-newsletters and relevant industrial websites.

The following is a cross section of the ones we have become aware of:

  • "KLN Klein a creative firm" by Goody Niosi,
    Business Fraser Valley, June, 2011: Page 7.

  • "Hi-Tech Product Innovators On Call" ,
    EngineeringBuzz (engineering website about product design and automation engineering), March 21, 2007.

  • "Minister Boosts Small Business" by Frank Bucholtz,
    The Langley Times, February 9, 2007: Page 7.

  • "KLN Klein 25th anniversary",
    Design Product News (DPN), Jan/Feb 2007: Page 6.

  • "Products Developed on Demand for 25 Years"
    The Langley Advance Business to Business, December 2006: Page 13.

  • "B.C. Product Development Firm Celebrates 25 Years",
    Machinery & Equipment MRO, December 2006: Page 9.

  • "KLN KLEIN Product Development Celebrates 25 Years of Success" ,
    Canadian Industrial Equipment News (CIEN) Magazine, Daily News, October 18, 2006.

  • "Innovative Contract Product Development Company Celebrates 25 Years of Rising Success",
    ThomasNet News, October 4, 2006.

  • "Parking Made Easy" by Jan Westell,
    The Langley Times, September 21, 2005: Page 29.

  • "No Waiting for Prototype Parking System",
    Engineeringtalk (weekly electronic product information guide for product design and automation engineers), August 12, 2005.

  • "Revolutionary Parking Facility Management System",
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We would be pleased to forward any of these items to you without obligation. Give us a call.

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