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Since 1981, KLN KLEIN has been helping both established and emerging companies involved in research and development (R&D) to design, develop and produce innovative products. KLN Collage Our in-house team of engineering, production and business personnel can assist your company to:

  • develop your product concept from a technological as well as a business perspective
  • design the complete product, including electronic circuitry, printed circuit boards (PCBs), software, mechanical parts and subassemblies, as well as product housings and enclosures
  • create the required prototypes
  • test product quality and durability
  • provide assistance in obtaining government funding and/or patents
  • custom manufacture the product
  • provide a warranty and service program for developed products.

Whether you develop a new product, seek improvements to an existing one, or pursue systems integration, we strive to support your core competence with a broad range of expertise and services under one roof.

Visit our "Portfolio" section to gain an impression of our engineering, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities and check out the benefits we bring to your project.

For latest projects and company developments not bound under confidentiality agreements please visit our News and Media section.

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