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Introduction to KLN KLEIN

Picture of Peter Klein, P. Eng., President
Peter Klein, P.Eng., President

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting this website. It hopefully gives you a good overview of the variety of services offered and the benefits we can bring to your specific technology innovation or product development project.

You may want to contact us, at no obligation, even if your company has its own engineering and/or manufacturing resources. Our all encompassing services can provide you and your team with highly convenient and cost effective shortcuts and assist in creating the successful and reliable product you envision, as our many past and current clients can attest.

A free meeting can be arranged to discuss your project. If we feel that we can make a strong positive difference to your endeavor and sense that you feel the same way, we will work out a detailed proposal, at no obligation to you. Past experiences show that typically our proposals give prospective clients new and meaningful technical ideas, which they can keep and use, even if they decide not to take us up on our offer.

Since KLN KLEIN's creation in 1981, we have been entrusted with hundreds of diverse projects for over thirty different industries. They have ranged from the design of a simple mechanical part to the entire engineering and manufacturing of complex electro-mechanical systems. Photos of those projects not bound under confidentiality fill many photo albums available to visitors for browsing. A number of projects are also showcased on this website in our Portfolio section.

Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and keeping clients' projects confidential, until released from confidentiality, is certainly a given. We fully subscribe to the "Win-Win or No Deal" philosophy and keep the technical and financial success of our clients' projects continuously in mind. We hold ourselves to the highest ethics and standards, including those set by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. For applicable projects, we also work to the rigorous quality standards expected by Transport Canada.

Our small but very flexible, versatile and knowledgeable team thrives on technical challenges and fosters a can-do attitude. This attitude is further supported by the layout of our 8,000 square feet premises. The engineering department, where the ideas are born, is just a flight of stairs away from the complete machine shop, where the ideas transform into reality. There is no shorter way from concept to finished product!

If you value exceptional engineering performance and reliability, and would like to see this integrated rapidly and cost effectively into your project, call us today to set up a no-obligation appointment. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss if and how we can best assist you in achieving your product or process innovation goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Peter Klein, P.Eng.
KLN KLEIN Product Development Inc.

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