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Contract Prototyping Services
Overview and Benefits

KLN's Mechanical Assembly Room

Additionally to multi-disciplinary design engineering and electro-mechanical contract manufacturing services, we offer comprehensive contract prototyping services that include:

Our complete electro-mechanical prototyping and manufacturing services bring great integration advantage to your project, as explained below.

Integration Advantage

Prototyping, the proofing of the engineering work, is a vital step in the development process of any new or improved product. Efficient prototype development for engineering verification and for refinement of the product is desirable to keep the time-to-market as short as possible.

Traditional Prototyping

Traditionally, after the engineering phase is complete, parts drawings get handed to a number of different shops to produce the diverse components of the product. This may involve machining some parts, fabricating other parts out of metal or plastic, giving some a surface treatment in different finishes, and so on. Another set of companies might get subcontracted to manufacture the circuit boards, to do the circuit board assembly, and to fabricate the wire harnesses. Once all the mechanical parts and the electronic assemblies are available, they get assembled into the complete product by yet another company.

This means, parts and assemblies are often subject to waiting times caused by prior work commitments of the diverse subcontractors used. If changes are required and parts have to be redone, further delays can be expected before the appropriate subcontractors can accept them into their work flow again.

KLN's Approach

The traditional prototyping process is too time consuming for today's short-time-to-market demands. Therefore, KLN decided to build its own manufacturing facilities for rapid, integrated mechanical and electronic prototyping, and software integration.

Injecting Rubber Compound for an Adapter Piece

These facilities are equipped for almost any manufacturing technology allowing us to produce mechanical parts that are: turned, milled, CNC machined, cut, pressed, folded, stamped, sheared, welded, painted, powder coated, silk screened, etc. any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no running around to find a subcontractor who does it in time with the quality required. We do it in house, under our control, within your project timeline!

The same is true for the electrical components. Our laboratory has the commonly required electronic measurement and test equipment, as well as the machines, tools and jigs to assemble circuit boards in through-hole and surface-mount style. We offer cable fabrication, fibre optic termination, assembly and testing, and have met the demanding quality requirements of aviation authorities such as Transport Canada.

Electronic printed circuit board

With our software experience we can also embed software into your product, offering you a one-stop resource centre for your prototyping needs.

No running around to different subcontractors. No fingerpointing from one to another when things don't work out.

We guarantee our work and offer you an unparalleled integration and short-time-to-market.

For the most expedient, worry-free delivery from engineering specification to tested and finished product, contact us at no obligation at 604-530-1491.

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