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Contract Manufacturing Services
Overview and Benefits

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Additionally to multi-disciplinary design engineering and electro-mechanical prototyping services, we offer comprehensive in-house contract manufacturing services that include:

Not many contract manufacturers offer this versatility and wide spectrum of integrated services providing clients with very convenient benefits and advantages, as explained below.

Versatility Advantage

Manufacturing is, in a certain way, an extension of prototyping. It is producing each mechanical part, each electronic assembly and the whole product not only once, but many times over. However, it additionally requires an approach of consistency and repeatability and, depending on targeted production volumes, may call for manufacturing technologies that differ from the ones used to produce the prototype.

KLN's Mechanical Assembly Room

Keeping unit costs low is especially important if larger production volumes are expected. This typically can only be achieved by investing in specialized or custom tools, such as punch dies, injection molds, etc. On the other hand, if only small batches are to be produced, these may not warrant amortization of expensive custom tooling cost. Therefore, the expected scenario has to be analyzed carefully and the manufacturing process has to be adapted accordingly. Knowing all the possible options is key to cost effective production.

Another desirable factor is streamlining the whole production process by having it all done under one roof. KLN not only has the knowledge and experience to choose and suggest the most appropriate and cost effective manufacturing technique, but also an unparalleled, in-house versatility in manufacturing and support services. These services include:

  • Building jigs and molds
  • Making metal and plastic enclosures
  • Manufacturing parts, including
    • machined parts Picture of Securing Latch.
    • sheet metal parts
    • plastic fabricated parts
    • thermoformed parts
    • injection molded parts
    • cast parts
  • Surface finishing parts and enclosures including
    • painting
    • powder coating
    • screen printing Picture of Power Supply.
  • Assembling through-hole and surface-mount electronics
  • Fabricating cables and wire harnesses
  • Terminating fibre optics
  • Assembling the complete product, including electrical components and all the electronics
  • Product testing
  • Building shipping boxes and crates
  • Providing field installation and training
  • Offering maintenance and warranty service.

As we specialize in highly demanding electro-mechanical industrial products which usually have a market that is limited to several hundred or thousand units, we are optimally suited to produce batches that range from single to hundreds of units at a time.

To find out more about our cost effective, all encompassing manufacturing and support services, call us with no obligation at 604-530-1491.

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