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Complete Equipment Production Services

In addition to multi-disciplinary contract design engineering and electro-mechanical prototyping, we offer comprehensive contract manufacturing services. Our manufacturing expertise and in-house capabilities include: Designed and manufactured custom tooling: EDM electrode (left) and injection mold insert (right)

  • Custom Tooling
    • Design of jigs and tools for cost efficient manufacturing
    • Design of single and multi-cavity molds
    • Building of required specialized jigs and tools
    • Precision machining and building of single and multi-cavity aluminum molds
    • Casting of silicon molds
    • Industrial automation
  • Machining and Fabrication In-house manufacturing of a batch of internal parking meter parts
    • Precision machined parts
    • Sheet metal parts
    • Plastic fabricated parts
    • Thermoformed parts
    • Plastic enclosures
    • Metal chassis fabrication
    • Metal enclosure fabrication
  • Molding and Casting
    • Injection molding
    • RIM casting (reaction in mold) Injection molded plastic parts for batch of manufactured scanner holders
    • RT molding (resin transfer)
    • Polyurethane casting
    • RTV encapsulation
    • Silicon casting
  • Surface Finishing of Parts and Enclosures
    • Spray painting
    • Powder coating
    • Sand blasting
    • Brush finishing In-house manufacturing of a batch of electronic boards in SMT technology
    • Deburring
    • Screen printing
    • Engraving
  • Electronic Manufacturing
    • Worldwide component sourcing
    • Procurement of parts
    • Silver-dip soldering / brazing
    • Assembly of rigid or flexible PCBs
    • Through-hole assembly of PCBs In-house manufacturing of a batch of power supplies in through-hole technology
    • Surface-mount assembly of PCBs
    • SMT/PTH (mixed technology) assembly
    • Conformal coating of circuits
    • Potting of circuits using special two-component formulations
    • Functional and in-circuit testing
    • Burn-in
    • Custom cable fabrication
    • Wire harness fabrication
    • Fibre optics termination In-house manufacturing of a batch of cable and potentiometer assemblies
    • Coaxial cable termination
    • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
    • Bulk cable assemblies
    • Sophisticated electronic instrumentation cables
       (coaxial, twisted pair, straight, fibre optic)
    • RFI shielding
    • EMI shielding
  • Product Assembly and Test
    • Assembly of chassis In-house manufacturing of a batch of parking meters
    • Interconnection of parts
    • Integration of control systems
    • Cable and wire harness assembly
    • Complex electro-mechanical assemblies and subassemblies
    • Complete electro-mechanical product assembly
    • System configuration
    • Embedding of software
    • Product and QA testing
  • Other
    • Designing and building of customized shipping boxes and crates In-house manufacturing of a batch of Saw Blade Inspectors
    • Providing field installation and test
    • Offering maintenance and warranty service
    • Technology transfer

We can cost effectively and conveniently engineer, prototype, manufacture and assemble our clients' complex electro-mechanical products or systems, and can build custom shipping boxes and crates for their secure transportation. That is: we design, prototype, manufacture, test, and deliver turnkey, ready-to-ship and ready-to-use electro-mechanical products and custom equipment.

Please note that we are not a typical "job shop". Our emphasis lies on the optimal integration of all required product development services under our own roof (from engineering to manufacturing), and therefore, focus on batch production rather than high volume production. Our optimum production capacity is from a few to hundreds of units per batch. Should batch sizes exceed KLN's capacity, we gladly provide production logistics to make a smooth transition to a large scale, continuous manufacturer.

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an overview of the diversity of products and technology equipment we have been contracted to engineer and manufacture for different clients and check out the versatility advantage we can bring to your project.

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