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Mechanical Design Engineering Services

Our mechanical design engineering services, capabilities, and in-depth experience include:

Mechanical part represented as transparent wire framed solid model
    • Determination of product requirements
    • Identification of relevant technologies
    • Human factor considerations
    • Compilation of product specifications
    • Incorporation of industry standards
    • Investigation of prior art
  • CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT Mechanical drawing in orthogonal and isometric view of an electro-mechanical product
    • Scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED)
    • Conceptual product design
    • System architecture design
    • Electronics and mechanical systems integration
    • Electronics and mechanical systems optimization
    • Selection of appropriate manufacturing materials
    • Selection of best manufacturing technologies
  • ANALYSIS Assembly drawing with all internal details of a precision measurement instrument
    • Engineering analysis
    • Thermal modelling and analysis
    • Tolerance and fit analysis
    • Fluid flow analysis
    • Drop, shock and environmental analysis
    • Physical interface design
    • Logical user interface design Rendered solid model of a mechanical assembly
    • Optical design
    • Logical user interface design
    • Precision mechanical design
    • Thermal management design
    • Design for regulatory compliance (EMI & ESD)
    • Design for test (DFT)
    • Design for manufacturing (DFM)
    • Design for assembly (DFA) and interference checking Rendered solid model of an electro-mechanical device
    • Detailed parts design and specifications (CAD/CAM)
    • Metal and plastics design
    • Industrial design
    • Dimensional 2D renderings
    • 3D solid and surface modelling
    • Exploded view drawings
    • Photo-realistic computer renderings
    • Modeling of product assembly (CAD assembly) Tool path verification in CAM
    • Worldwide component sourcing
    • Creation of Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Technical production drawings
    • Complete ANSI production documentation
       (production-ready engineering documentation)
    • Quality control specifications
    • Assembly procedures
    • Design of jigs and tools for manufacturing Transparent solid 3D model of a multi-cavity mold
    • Design of single and multi-cavity molds
    • Patent Development

These services can be complemented with our electrical/electronic design engineering, software engineering, electronic prototyping, mechanical prototyping, and contract manufacturing services for a complete product design & development solution.

Please visit our "Portfolio" section to gain an impression of our mechanical engineering capabilities and check out the multi-disciplinary design engineering advantage we will bring to your project.

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